What are the Most Important Web Host Services?

To make a website accessible through the World Wide Web an individual or an organization need a web hosting service. These services are provided by the Web Hosting companies which feed space on the server leased or owned to be used by clients and to provide internet connectivity. These companies can provide data space and internet connectivity for the servers in the data center, called Hosing and also term as collocation.

Large and well reputed companies need to send numerous e-mails, bulk files, etc. to other sites 24×7. Therefore a permanent connection to the web is a must for them and internet service providers come to the aid. These companies have to use the assist of web host service to deliver the details of their service and goods and facilities online.

Some important web host services are:


  • Free hosting: As the name suggests this is a free service provided by different servers with limited benefits. Sometime these services are supported by ads.
  • Shared hosting: In this shared hosting environment, hundreds to thousands websites owner shared one server sharing the physical as well as the software applications within the server. All domains shared same server resources under a roof, such as CPU and RAM. This type of hosting is affordable, but a bit slower as the server is being shared by many users. The available features with shared hosting are basic and it is not flexible with updates and software.
  • Dedicated hosting: In a dedicated hosting environment, the users have the entire web server only for them and thus they enjoy the privileges of faster performance, as they have all the server’s resources entirely. But they have to be responsible for the cost of server operation entirely. It is a good choice for websites that requires a lot of system resources, or that needs a higher level of security.
  • Reseller hosting: A client becomes a host by themselves in Reseller Hosting. The client functions for single domains under a combination of the types of host listed, depending upon with whom they are related with as the reseller. Their account may differ tremendously in sizes; may have dedicated server of their own to a collocated server. Various resellers offer services which are identical to their provider’s hosting plan which is a shared one and deliver technical support by themselves.
  • Collocated hosting: The Client will purchase his own service and will have it housed in a web host facility in Collocated Hosting service. He will be the responsible for the server itself and will have full control of the web server.
  • Virtual web hosting: The Virtual Web Hosting also termed as Virtual Private Server or the VPS divided server resources in virtual servers, in which resources are allocated but does not reflect underlying hardware directly. VPS allocates resources from a server to various VPSs relationship; however this may be allocated, for many reasons like the capability to move VPS containers between servers. In their own space, the users have the root access. It is the responsibility for the customers for maintaining and patching the servers.

Never Pay for a Server without Web Hosting Coupon

Are you among the thousands of people who want to have a website of your own? But the problem is that you do not possess the tech skills or do not have the money for your dream website. In most case it will cost you money to design your own website and get it online with a reputable host. There are many web hosting coupons online which could offer you a lot of discount on starting your website that you almost pay nothing, but there are catches in these coupons as you end up paying a dime or some at the end.

What is the Solution?

All you want is a free and easy way to put information online in your personal website. You can stop worrying about the cost as there are many free website hosting servers which is the right choice for websites with low traffic such as a personal website. These free hosting servers offer yes, absolutely free hosting and support, an easy to set-up and manage website, DIY tools, professional looking templates, automatic backups, built-in security features.

Some Legitimate and Reputable Free Servers:


  • Google Sites: It is an easy-to-use, free website builder and host where a client can get all the advantages with his Google account. It is single-click page creation with customizable look and feel. It has dozens of pre-built templates such as Club site, Project Wiki, Company Intranet, Classroom, Project Work Site, Family Website, etc. A client could get 10GB of Google Sites storage by signing up.
  • WordPress: Many people just thought WordPress as a blogging servers but it isn’t just for a blog. The client can build and host an entire website for free. Besides the server provides many themes and professional looking templates. Just sign up with your email address and get started with building your websites which is integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and more with 3GB of site storage.
  • Weebly: It is a drag-and-drop free website builder where you can develop a website just over in few minutes. To create whether a classroom website or website for student e-portfolios or assigned projects, Weebly is the perfect choice. It enables students to express themselves creatively thanks to its various multimedia features. The hosting infrastructure is backed by an army of servers that provide reliable stability for the clients’ websites. It was named as one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2007.

Besides these server companies, there are other companies which provide free hosting in addition to their paid service. But the space and bandwidth are limited in these servers. If a client wants a broader bandwidth and space, a broader selection of website template, his own domain and email, he could upgrade to one of the paid plans either by paying or through their web hosting coupons of these companies at any time. On top of that there may be lots of ads on the website created via free hosting through these hosting companies. By upgrading to their paid plans these ads could be disabled from the client’s website.

Is a Web Host Rating the Best Way to Choose?

Are you planning to launch a new website or getting ready to move it to a new host? As there are so many companies offering cheap and free hosting service, choosing a web host could be tricky and risky. You may lose your valuable money if you choose the web host not appropriate for you. Even if it is tempting to choose a free host, there are many reasons you should think beforehand. A paid host after all proves to be more beneficial in the long run. The only thing is to choose the right host which you need i.e. the client need to know which type of hosting best suits for his needs before he decides on a Web Hosting Package.

Choosing Right Web Hosting Package:

Web hosting companies are varied from one another and there are many factors which separate these providers such as pricing, storage capacity, RAM, CPU power, databases, email accounts, etc. It is very affordable to choose Shared servers but the problems arise when other sites from the same server eat up the system resources and slow down your site. This can be solved by choosing Dedicated Servers but a client needs to pay more for this service. Multiple domains can exist on a single server and operated like a Dedicated Servers if the client chooses Virtual Servers.

The client therefore, needs to investigate the pros and cons of each server type before investing his money. He needs to check if servers claiming ‘unlimited bandwidth’ are truly unlimited or not. He must choose servers with 24/7 customers support for the site could possible goes down at any time of the day. He must also decide whether he wants to go with Windows-based server or Linux-based server.

Reading the Ratings of the Company:

There are varieties of websites that present comparisons of web hosting services which are helpful indeed. There are also websites where people post reviews and rate about many web hosting services. It is necessary for a client to check some of the most recent comments and ratings for the company right after he had done making decision about the package he prefers. He needs to check if people had issues with customer service and support. He needs to compare the features of these companies through the web host rating portals. He can compare:

  • How much storage the host provides
  • The bandwidth amounts between the hosts
  • The connection speed of the hosts in the rating portal
  • The uptimes claimed by each hosts
  • The right type services the client needs
  • The security tools the host offers and confirming their liability
  • The correct operating system the servers provide
  • The cost of the hosting plans and balancing it with the features provided

It is necessary to look closely at how the guaranteed is defined and the host will honor it because most of the guarantees are prorated and often worthless i.e. it is a must to check how legit the web hosting company is. The Terms of Service should be read carefully.

Getting the Best Hostgator Deal

“50$ coupon code for Hostgator” is known to be a popular web host deals. Website owners in thousands around the world prefer cheap hosting. With a wide scope of best customer service and products, Hostgator might be exactly what you need.

This top rated web host offers shared web host, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, domain registration, and dedicated hosting in one place. Whether you want to launch a website for your own, buy a domain name, or launch your own business in hosting, Hostgator is without a doubt your best bet.

Quality web hosting doesn’t have to be expensive. With the coupon code of 50$ for Hostgator, you can get any hosting plan at very low price. By using this best hostgator deal, you can pay little amount of money on your order. Even those who had signed up for reseller hosting or VPS hosting can use the coupons to save some bucks. Whatever plan you choose, you’ll receive the features same as those who pay in full price. The features include:


  • Over 4,500 websites templates in free
  • An easily assessable control panel
  • $100 offer of Google AdWords
  • A guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • An instant backups service
  • Sub-domains which are practically unlimited
  • Unlimited accounts of FTP
  • Autoresponders
  • Custom error pages
  • Mailing lists
  • Installation of script in one-click
  • Shopping carts at free of cost
  • osCommerce

To enjoy these features, you should choose your favorite hosting plan and then enter the 50$ coupon code for Hostgator at the checkout. The savings will be automatically applied to the total value of your order.

50$ Coupon Code for Hostgator: Is This Web Host as Good as It Claims?

If you read customer reviews or search for the 50$ hostgator coupon code online, you’ll see that most customers are happy with the serviced they received. The web hosting plans from Hostgator are flexible and inexpensive. They also include lots of free features for which other hosts charge hundreds of dollars.

Users can install and customize applications, build sites for ecommerce, transfer of domain names at free of cost within minutes and easily. Everything you need is offered by Hostgator to start your own business online with ease. The hosting plans are capable of starting any business, including blogs, membership sites, websites for real estates, affiliate networks and fashion stores. The costs for these plans are so low that you can start using them at anytime and anywhere. Hostgator coupon should always be tried if you want to spend less amount of money, and gain maximum amount of satisfaction. Getting hostgator coupons these days is not at all a difficult task, all you need to do is log in to the official website of hostgator, and find plenty of latest coupons being offered. Choose the one which fulfills your requirements, and then you are completely ready to make use of the best web host services.

If you are still thinking, you should better start your search and get the best deal from hostgator!

What FrontPage Hosting is About

Are you starting an internet business or just want to create a website for your own and looking for a suitable web host? Do you have the problem regarding it as you don’t have any knowledge of server or client side programming? This is where the FrontPage comes to your rescue to build a website with minimal effort.

What is Front Page?


It is a web hosting application launched by Microsoft in the year 1996, featuring menus and tools found commonly in other Microsoft applications, providing an easy environment for anybody familiar with MS Office products. It will enable you to create your dream website with a click of a button. This web tool has been used to create a large number of personal and enterprise-class sites. It also serves as a good introduction to web designing for students.

What does it do?

This web tool utilizes a Graphical User Interference (GUI) for easy use. It utilizes the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) design technique which allows the user to edit and survey the web pages as they will look exactly when your site goes online. The web designer can therefore visualize the page before and during the designing process. The user can edit HTML easily with no errors at all with the help of drag-and-drop function. There are templates which allow the user to build design aspects that multiple pages will inherit.

Is it only for the newbie?

FrontPage is not only the right choice for amateur web developers, even advanced webmaster can get its advantages as they can enter their own HTML code. It has the ability to create advanced website supporting Java Applets, Active X and many browser plug-ins. Without any difficult server-side programming, search engines, hit counters, link bars, form handling, discussion forums can all be used, allowing the user to create rich featured and interactive web page. It also allows many users to author and administer the pages of one single web site at the same time with its Multi-User Authoring Administration. The users are allowed to change web contents from any browser through Remote Authoring and Administration.

What is FrontPage Web Host extension?

To get all the advantages of FrontPage the user will require a web host provider with server installing the FrontPage extensions which are relevant. FrontPage extensions are extensions on server-side that give the web server the capacity to deliver the functionality of the client using FrontPage. All applications in this web tool may not function without the extensions. The elaborated instructions and tips to install these extensions should be provided by the FrontPage web hosting provider. This installation process, in most of the times is as simple as to click a button.


Despite many advantages it offers, the FrontPage has some drawbacks. The user may require to do some freehand coding in order to get the website display on a browser like Opera or Netscape properly, which could be only perform by someone who knows programming. There may be some limitation on the website regarding its interactive service too. But such things are minor drawbacks as the benefits of power and simplicity makes FrontPage a good choice for developing a website.